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by Nicole

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Thank you for taking the time to explore my blog. Some of you know may know me as “CTYogawithNicole” which is where my brand began. I did not want to limit myself to just yoga and thus the evolution of CT Yoga with Nicole began. My life was shifting and so were my routines. I began weightlifting and strength training 5 days a week as well as running up to 20 miles a week. Although I still practice yoga regularly, I wanted to rebrand to focus on sharing healthy living rather than only yoga. My professional life transformed as well which was another inspiration behind the branding of  “A Healthy Profit”. Over the past few years I took the title “student”, was promoted to “the intern”, and finally to “staff physical therapist” as I graduated as a doctor of physical therapy. I am grateful enough to have parents who sacrificed a lot to put me through my undergraduate education. During graduate school though, out of necessity, I took a greater interest in personal finance. For the first time in my life I had the burden of paying my housing, groceries, school tuition, and all the typical bills. 


Like many of you, I wanted to eat healthy foods that actually tasted good. I have created several recipes from my own trial and error which I share with you throughout this blog.  I also wanted to feel good about myself and my fitness level. I created a wellness routine from my knowledge of anatomy, physiology, yoga, strength training, and running to suite your needs too. Throughout this blog, I share with you fitness inspiration and ways to enjoy your workout and see results.  Personal finance is important to me because I wanted freedom throughout my life. I did not want to be tied down to an employer or be reliant on social security during retirement. Money is something we all have in common and therefore, it’s something we all should be talking about. In this blog, I share stories of how I have been able to change my mindset. I give advice on how to gain wealth and freedom  This blog and the rebranding occurred for these reasons exactly. This platform exists to explain ways to eat healthy and delicious foods, feel great while exercising, and get you excited about managing personal finance. I look forward to sharing my insight, stories, and life lessons with you. XO, Nicole

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