Matcha Recipe

by Nicole

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That Trendy Green Matcha Drink

Matcha, otherwise known as a green tea latte has been around for years. All of the sudden it’s become the new avocado toast and it’s all the rage! 

I started drinking matcha lattes about 3 years ago when I was living on caffeine to get me through grad school. Of course, I was spending $5.74 on these sugar filled lattes from Starbucks. To top it off, I was ordering the latte with regular dairy milk and later wondering why my stomach was in so much pain. Since then, I’ve gotten much smarter and mindful about what I put in my body and how I spend my money. 

I continue to drink matcha lattes today because of the health benefits. I admit, I still go out to speciality coffee shops here and there but I make this decision consciously and realize although it is not the best use of money, it does make me happy to have someone else make my drinks occasionally.  I’ve learned a great method to make the perfect latte from home, for a lot less money though which I’ll share with you here!


Healthier Starbucks Matcha Latte

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Serves: 1-2 Prep Time:
Nutrition facts: 80 calories 6.5 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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  • 2 tsp matcha powder
  • 1 TBSP MCT oil powder
  • 1/3 cup hot water
  • 1 cup cold water
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Optional: 1 TBSP maple syrup
  • Ice


  1. Warm water in tea kettle
  2. Meanwhile, add cold water, almond milk, and vanilla to large 40oz. mason jar, stir
  3. Once the water in the kettle is hot, add 1/3 cup to a small blender along with matcha and MCT powder, blend until combined and pour into mason jar
  4. Stir to combine and fill with ice


This makes a large serving. I personally drink the entire thing but it can be separated into 2 days worth or smaller 2 servings.

How to Make an Extra $1,318

If you follow my recipe, you’ll spend $0.70 to make a very large 40oz. glass of matcha. If you go to Starbucks you’ll be spending $5.74 on a venti 24oz. iced green tea latte. I’ll admit, the Starbucks matcha is much sweeter but it is because it’s loaded with nearly 40g of sugar.

My homemade matcha tastes nearly identical. I use high quality matcha and I sweeten mine with vanilla extract. If that isn’t enough sweetness, adding 1 TBSP of pure organic maple syrup would only add about 13g of natural sugar. This is a $5 savings and 27 less grams of sugar.

If you were to go to Starbucks every work day and buy a venti matcha latte, it would cost $1,500 a year.  My extra large, healthier version only cost $182 a year. By simply switching to homemade, you can make yourself an extra $1,318 a year!

If you’re looking to make a healthy change in your life whether it be monetarily or health wise, making your own matcha from home is a great start. 

3 Health Benefits of Matcha

  1. Matcha comes from the same plant as green tea but it uses the entire leaf. This provides a greater amount and concentration of antioxidants and cancer fighting benefits.
  2. Matcha has about 3x more caffeine than regular green tea and about 1/2 the caffeine as a cold brew coffee. If you feel jittery right after drinking coffee, it’s because it is quickly released into the bloodstream. Contrarily, matcha is slowly released and will not spike insulin levels or give you a caffeine crash.
  3. I’ve been drinking matcha for years because unlike other forms of caffeine, matcha gives calming energy. Matcha contains L-theanine, an amino acid which promotes relaxation but not drowsiness. I love the zen that matcha provides.

3 Health Benefits of MCT

  1. MCT stands for medium chain triglyceride and because they are shorter, they are easily digested. When I first started using the powder, my stomach wasn’t used to it and I actually had some cramps. From personal experience, I know it is healthy and beneficial but I would ease into using it. If you have a sensitive stomach, perhaps make this recipe with 1 tsp rather than 1 TBSP to start.
  2. The oil contains good fats from coconuts which actually improve brain function. Did you know your brain actually needs fat to work properly? Cutting fat from your diet too fast or too much is never a good idea and you may develop brain fog or notice trouble focusing. Cutting bad LDL’s and saturated fats is a good idea but your body and brain need fats. I love getting healthy fats through MCT.
  3. This powder is great to add to your pre-workout or post workout protein smoothie. MCT oil has been show to decrease lactic acid build up in athletes. I have suffered from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) far too many times and it is really painful. Since using MCT and drinking more water on days I am vigorously exercising, I have experienced less muscle pain. Another study found that taking the MCT oil before exercise may help you use more fat instead of carbs for energy.

Where to Buy…

Matcha Powder which you can purchase here

MCT powder which you can purchase here

Ninja Mini Blender which you can purchase here

Please note these are affiliate links and while this will not affect you, by using my link I will receive a very small commission from Amazon which is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance & I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do! 

Matcha! Matcha! Matcha!

Give it a try and let me know what you thought. I will warn you that matcha is an acquired taste. It is like nothing I’ve tried before. When I have tried to convince my friends to drink it, they’ve told me it tastes like grass LOL. I definitely love the taste of it though and think it’s pleasant. It’s a perfect afternoon pick-me-up and it’s the best refreshing way to get caffeine in the Summer.

If you made this recipe please share a photo with me! Comment below and let me know if you did anything different.

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